Who’s Talking to You

Who’s Talking to You

Hello! My name is Ancuta Neagu. At present, I am an entrepreneur earning my living on my own. I am proud to say that because I’m on my way to accomplishing my dearest dream: to spend my time as I want to and follow only my own priorities.

I discovered how to create my own financial security in the new economy by doing what I like.

Twenty years ago it would have been an impossible dream.

It has taken me a long time to get here and I learned some tough lessons before I found my path.

When I finished my formal education and got my first job, I realized that from that point on, if I’m going to be an employee, I will never be free.

Showing up each day in the same place to accomplish the tasks assigned in order to get paid once a month is for most people the only possible way to can make a living.

Many people hate that yet go on.

I hate it too. But I just couldn’t bear this idea from the beginning and I felt like I was a prisoner.

And I swore to myself to find a way to take control of my own time and do what is important to me, and not what’s important to others.

I succeeded to reach this goal after struggling for a long time and going through a tough experience.

My biggest frustration, while I was an employee, was to do tasks just because I was told to do them, like a soldier, without questioning.

Employees are given their time in exchange for a monthly check. They receive instructions on what to do in the form of job descriptions and are there to comply without asking ‘why’.

I hated that.

Now I am an entrepreneur and I’m allowing myself to have a reason why I’m engaged in my business.

I’m happy doing what I like to do and when you’re happy, you want to share this feeling with other people. It’s human nature.

I discovered a lot of things about life and I want to help people create their own lives without going through the frustration and struggle I experienced.

Life is simpler than we can even imagine!

Everybody complains about the bad economic situation. A lot of indebted people are slaves in cubicles they hate. And they are still waiting for help from their country’s government, from the syndicate, from other people or from God.

Feeling frustrated and indulging in self-pity doesn’t help. Complaining and blaming others for our miserable state is not a solution. Nobody hears our cry as justified and compelling as it might be. Nor even God.

The solution comes only from us, from our choices and from our ability to harness our natural gifts and take out of life what we need.

God gave us at our birth all the tools we might need and supports us to create a great life experience. 

He’s expecting us to use the tools and decide what we want to do with our lives.

I remember a story which happened in one of the companies I worked with.

My boss asked me to make a sales analysis. To do it, I needed some data from the IT department. I asked my colleagues from IT several times for the information, but they didn’t deliver.

Coming into my office, my boss asked me how’s going the analysis. I told him that I hadn’t received yet the data to start doing it. “What are you waiting for?” he asked. “I’m waiting to receive the information,” I said, “I requested it!”.

“But who finally needs these data?” my boss continued. “I need it, but…” “If you need it,” he said, “then go and take it! Don’t wait for others to think about your needs. Just go there and take it. Don’t leave their office until you get it!”

It was a lesson I haven’t forgotten.

And this is also true for our lives.

We wait too much for others to accomplish our dreams, and then we are disappointed and frustrated.

I think now is the best time to think about what we really want out of our lives and just get it.

I just want to inspire, influence and teach as many people as I can to create the lives of their dreams.

If you want to be one of them, I’m waiting for you with an open heart.

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