What Online Business to Start?

What Online Business to Start?

What online business to start? 

This definitely is the most struggling, energy and the time-consuming question of more and more people coming online.

Starting an online business looks to many people like a life buoy that a fortunate opportunity could throw them to get them out of all the financial troubles they encounter in their daily lives.

For some others, an online business could be a way of making it overnight or an interesting business opportunity worth taking into consideration.

The fact is that there is a huge noise online.

And there is also a lot of desperation, hope, doubt, frustration, joy, and mind-blowing business formulas.

What is happening online now resembles very much the gold rush. The news about unbelievable possibilities to make a good profit online and success stories of people who became millionaires is reaching more and more people all over the world.

And they’re right to rush toward the new El Dorado. The Internet is really amazing. It is probably the greatest discovery ever.

Ordinary people have never had such opportunities to express themselves, to create and grow.

Then, why all this struggle, frustration and noise?

I was part of this craziness too.

Two years ago, when I started for the first time to research about possibilities of doing business and making money online, I went, like many others, through all the kinds of feelings Internet newbies experience.

In the beginning, I was really obsessed with the question if it is possible or not to make money online for anyone.

At that time I was living with the idea that there are a lot of wise and very knowledgeable people out there who know very well what to do and make lots of money while I am a humble newbie without too many chances to succeed.

I felt frustrated because I was seeing so much information which I thought I badly needed, but I physically couldn’t get through.

I used to jump from a pdf download to another, from an mp3 to another, from a business model to another, I took a lot of notes on how to build a website, on HTML, on building backlinks, optimizing, Adsense, keyword research (I still keep these note-books – it was really crazy!).

I subscribed to hundred newsletters making my inbox impossible to manage.

I used to hang on forums where most people spoke ‘foreign languages’ strengthening my belief that there is a certain way of doing things online that all other people know – except me.

I really didn’t know what I wanted apart from one thing: finding THE WAY of making money online.

And as much information I was going through, as much I got confused, frustrated and tired.

Until one day when I felt I was fed up. I quit my computer and didn’t touch it for more than one week.

When I came back, I emptied my inbox, unsubscribed from the majority of the newsletters I was receiving and deleted almost all the free pdfs and mp3s which were on my computer’s hard.

I took a new notebook and started over.

What made me take this radical change was a revelation I had during the week I stayed far from the computer.

I realized that I approached the Internet from a completely wrong perspective.

Believing that there are some RIGHT WAYS of making money online which ONLY some people know was driving me toward all the frustration I got through.

The huge amount of information I gathered all this time showed me some possibilities of doing business online, but it was useless as long as it didn’t put me in the position to really start a business.

I understood that by continuing to collect information I’d get nowhere. All the “how to’s” I took notes after were useless. I forgot everything almost immediately after I had finished them.

I realized that I disregarded the most important thing to think about when you want to start a business: WHAT business to do?

My business idea

Doing business is about being creative and coming up with fresh ways of solving peoples’ problems or fulfilling peoples’ desires.

I was obsessed with HOW to do business online and never thought about WHAT I can do, WHO might be my potential customers and WHICH value I can bring on the market.

I felt ashamed as much as, being a graduate in Business Administration and having a lot of experience in business and marketing, I had no excuse to think in this way.

There is no RIGHT business model. There is only a business idea creatively developed into a clear vision. Then, it is the business model – your business model! – which can bring in the best way your solution to your potential customers.

The business idea must be yours. Searching for it outside your mind and heart is a big mistake that too many people are doing.

You need to get to know yourself better and find out what thrills you, what is making you enjoy your work and what gives you a purpose to start learning and implementing a lot of new things.

The Internet is the perfect business medium where anyone can go and build something meaningful.

Create your business starting with this idea in mind and you won’t hear anymore the noise.

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  1. Starting from the value you could offer to others, you need to begin creating and building your business following the 3 steps process of developing your own business which we’ll talk about later