Understanding the Process of Changing Your Life – How Things Work

Understanding the Process of Changing Your Life – How Things Work

1. The Rational Version:

If you’re feeling unhappy and stuck in unpleasant life circumstances, to really get out of the vicious circle you’re in and change your life, you’ll have to embark on a journey and go through a two-step process of taking control over your life:

Creating a new mindset and building your business.

To get out of the trap, the first step to do is to change your perspective and determine your life purpose.

Then, you’ll have to evaluate your strengths and capabilities and your life experience and see how you can help other people.

Thirdly, starting from the value you could offer to others, you need to begin creating and building your business following the 3 steps process of developing your own business which we’ll talk later about.

When getting through the process of creating and putting in place your business, you have to also learn the basic business principles and get the successful entrepreneur mindset.

You’ll have to work both on getting the right mindset for success and on learning business.

This is not easy to do, but once the whole picture starts to make sense to you, you’ll easily find motivation and get all the necessary capabilities to get through this process and start living a new life.

2. The Emotional (inspiring) Version:

Elane, a young woman in her early thirties, was working as a consultant in a big insurance company.

Every day she went to work taking the same underground train.

Every morning she entered the same building, got into the same office, left her things and started the day drinking the same coffee blend at the same time.

Smoking a cigarette in the same smoking place with (almost) the same colleagues talking and complaining about a lot of unpleasant things: their impossible boss, the irrational deadlines they had to reach, and the unfair level of their salaries (never a salary is enough!).

Day in and day out, life was going on the same path. It seemed it has to forever… And there wasn’t any reasonable reason to change it:

  • another job would have meant adapting to different (possible worse!) conditions and, anyway, it was difficult to get those days
  • this job, as boring and unfair as it was, was at least safe –  it helped Elane pay the mortgage for her little apartment she had moved in two years before
  • it was better to stay in a familiar environment than to try to change it. Why take the risk?

There were already more than ten years doing the same things. A routine which was killing slowly.

One beautiful spring morning, Elane heard some rumors in the smoking room: things weren’t going so well and the management was preparing to lay off a number of employees.

She continued to smoke her cigarette and drink her coffee like nothing could happen to disturb her morning ritual.

Though, leaving the smoking place, she had a strange and uneasy feeling which she immediately chased away. This couldn’t happen to her!

One week later, coming to the office, she found a letter on her desk. She had been laid off. Only another 14 days of work and it was going to be over.

For the next two weeks, she continued to go to the office as if nothing happened. But everything around her started to look different.

The whole world was looking different. It was like she wasn’t anymore the person she used to be.

She’d never felt so confused.

Her life seemed to be granted. And suddenly, something or someone stole it from her.

She thought she had to feel frustrated and outraged, but she didn’t. Instead, she felt released.

It was like someone took a burden from her shoulders.

She knew she had to feel worried, but she felt the thrill of new things to come.

She didn’t know yet what she was going to do, but she knew deep inside her heart that she was on the right path.

Elane embarked on a new and long journey.

Three years later, she had her own business.

After she left the company, she started to sell shoes on eBay to make a living.

She was passionate about shoes and started to learn how to make unique leather shoes. Then, she has the idea to start a business making her own collections.

She bought a small shoe workshop and made her first collection which she successfully sold on eBay and Etsy, and then she opened her own online store.

It wasn’t an easy journey. She had to get to know herself and learn a lot of new things. She failed many times and recovered, but she didn’t give up.

Now she’s happy.

Life looks different for her and it is really worth living.

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